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Vive Cosmos display


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Alright. So it means that it doesnt matter what resolution I choose in game, HMD will allways display same resolution? But higer res = clearer ( would it make 4k res apps prettier on HMD? ) and lower = blurry HMD? I hope I got this right.

And what I understand there is no way to turn off display projection to improve GPU performance?

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@Kristodian - Basically. The HMD/panels are a fixed resolution. The content can be rendered at varying levels (most of the time, not always) and that output gets "sampled" and interpolated/scaled to fit the native resolution of HMD. 

You often have to restart the application (but not SteamVR) for the changes to take full effect.

The ability to enable/disable the 2D mirror varies by content. VR is a wild west and it's PC gaming - every single app will have different settings. That said, the effect should only be a few % of perf either way; it's not going to make a world of difference in the same way that the application resolution is.

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