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Disposable covers and controllers sanification

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We are using our Cosmos for both internal development and testing and also demos. Will be possibly used also within customers projects. 

Due to Covid the sanification topic is become even more serious, but reading this answer

I understand we can use specific cleaning liquids for our office, but I think will be too much asking the customer to provide an internal service for doing the same at every usage. 

There is in Europe any seller of disposable covers soecific for the headset and also for the controllers? 

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@davide445 I don't know of any disposable covers specific to Cosmo's controllers/headset. I don't think I've ever seen a disable controller cover for any controller type - they're generally wipe-able surfaces.

The whole trend of disposable face masks was first started by MoragaVR which released a universal product called the "Ninja Mask". They still sell the Ninja mask - they're relatively affordable at volume. VR cover went and iterated on the Ninja Mask and created a self-adhesive version that eliminated the elastic straps - that one isn't universal and is model specific and they haven't released a Cosmos version - you could probably cut these in half to get them to work with Cosmos. I've never seen those IRL and thus can't test if they work with Cosmos. I've previously just cut/sewed closed PLU covers for other Vive models to get them to work with Cosmos.

In any case, I'd still recommend hitting it with non-bleach Clorox wipes. The covers act as a sponge to soak up sweat and microbes but the headset itself is still contaminated after use.

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