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HTC vive reconized by computer but not prompted to install steam vr


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As the title says, when i plug in my htc vive to my computer windows installs the drivers for the vive but i am never prompted with the "Using a vr headset" prompt from steam. I have tested this with 3 different computers with the same results. I have tried bypassing the link box, ensured I didn't plug the HDMI into the motherboard's HDMI but my graphics card. I tried reinstalling windows 10 and still got the same result. I ensured my drivers were up to date as well.

Here are the specs of my PC if that helps.

core i7-7700k @ 4.2ghz  32gb of ram Gtx 1080 Windows 10

also tried a PC with a core i7-4770 @3.4ghz 16gb of ram. Gtx 660. Windows 7

Then tried my laptop core i7 something or other. 16gb of ram gtx 1050 windows 10.

I have previously had this vive working on my main pc and my laptop but that was 3 months ago. It has just been sitting in storage so i don't know what could have changed.

any help would be very much appreciated. 

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Ok it works, but only in non direct mode, even if directly attatched to the graphics card. what would cause this?

Edit:When in direct mode it just says " Headset not found"

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