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Point souce decay and Unity logarithmic rolloff

James Bond

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Recently I have noticed that there is point source decay for sound decay effect. After reading the document, I found it is very similar to Unity built-in logarithmic rolloff. Does anybody knows what's their differences?


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Hi @James Bond,

Both VIVE 3DSP point source decay and Unity logarithmic roll-off are based on the sound energy decay model of point source. That is, if the audio is emitted from a perfect point, what its energy would be after transmitted at a few distance away from the original position.

If point source decay are chosen, the "minimum decay volume (dB)" slider bar would show up. It is the minimum amount of decreased gain caused by VIVE 3DSP sound decay effect. For example, if you want a ghost appeared really far away, but you still want the user hear him screaming, you could keep its sound by setting a reasonable minimum decay volume value.

Hope that answers your question, please feel free to ask if there is any.




Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound


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