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Bring the ELITE to AMAZON.co.uk P2 (update)

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So amazon have removed the banner on there fulfiment program page where it says "we are prioritizing medicail stuff e.t.c"

I've seen more and more non medical stuff appearing on amazon, computer parts and more,  pimax headsets,  vr strap and more.... tons of stuff is now being upped on amazon. Even macromart seems to have got the go ahead to sell the Elite (headset only) on amazon..

Can you please give an update for HTC selling them directly via amazon (sold and fulfilled by amazon) 🙂 

10/10 really want one

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7 hours ago, VibrantNebula said:

@SanityGaming - They're still not accepting stock from us - I can ask again but it's really a one way communication type of scenario at their scale.

If they don't accept stock from you, then amazon must really hate someone, or something crazy is going on, because if you look yourself you'll notice macromart are appearing on amazon.co.uk selling it and the rift s and more..
(RECENTLY) too. 

I mean, they've removed the banner as mentioned, it could just be they're now starting to, just not at once take back people, as you are aware (i'm assuming) uk lock downs are easing! so if at all, hopefully it can be sold by JULY/AUGUST on amazon.co.uk

As my 300£ worth of vouchers expire in september! I'd hate to use them on a graphics card, or the new ROG PHONE 3, when i can provide the money to an amazing headset made by HTC!

I tried reaching to AMAZON to find answer myself, no provale, wouldn't answer me, maybe because it's private information between HTC and AMAZON, it's just terrible they'll allow MACROMART to sell stuff, but not HTC!

I'll await your response, thanks vibrant, your amazing!

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