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Cosmos Elite - Supersampling


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recently I was wondering why 100% Supersampling resolution in Steam VR for Cosmos Elite is so high. At 100% it's 2016x2380 per eye, while display resolution is 1440×1700 per eye. Why is there so much overhead?

When enabling performance priority mode in Vive Console, then 100% SS is 1512x1788, but display looks much worse that way. In performance mode You would have to crank up SS to 180% to get 2028x2400 per eye (it's similar to 100% on normal mode), but it dosn't look as good as 100% in normal mode.

So it looks like performance mode changes resolution of LCD panels to sub-native resolution. @C.T. can You please reply to my question (Why is there so much overhead?) and tell us a little bit more about performance priority mode? Also, I never got answear regarding motion smoothing support in SteamVR - is it some kind of 
inconvenient issue for You (as a company)?

I attach some screenshots with different SS settings in normal and performance priority mode.

norm 100.PNG

norm 130.PNG

norm 150.PNG

perf 100.PNG

perf 150.PNG

perf 180.PNG

perf 200.PNG

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Well, Performance Priority Mode is designed to improve the wireless experience. It works by scaling down the resolution slightly to allow for more system resources for the wireless performance. And rendering resolution scaling is automatically adjusted by SteamVR based on the performance of the PC and the headset it's driving. 

Not sure about how good the heart of your PC is, but if you do have a powerful VR PC and did not find anything wrong without performance priority mode, keep it off for better experience. 

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