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Is it possible to coexit with other spatializer plugin's component


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Hi @Gikey,

While a Unity scene is playing, it would use only one spatializer plugin. If you want to try 3DSP, there is an easy way to get the 3DSP spatializer effect: install the 3DSP SDK and set the Unity spatializer to 3DSP. The spatializer effect would be changed to 3DSP spatializer. It is the easiest way to experience the spatializer effect of 3DSP, but all other 3DSP effects would not work in this method. It would be the best way that save your scene to a new one, and replace all components to 3DSP. In this way you can experience all the features that 3DSP provides to you.

Hope that you would feel good to VIVE 3DSP.




Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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