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Right Lens Not displaying anything (Brand New Unit)


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Hi all! Just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else / get some advice.


I got my Vive yesterday delivered from DPD unpacked it unbelievably carefully set up as instructed all looked fine, but upon activating SteamVR only the Left lens will display an image. I've trolled through every post I can find but everyone’s problem (if they had ever experienced it) is that the right lens works and the left lens wont they were all able to resolve there issue with different suggestions none of which worked for myself


I’m pretty tech savvy so have tried all the config changes others have posted but to no avail. Does this sound like hardware issue with the HMD? My computer exceeds the recommended specs required, tried to contact HTC support but it was late last night and they were offline. Any help greatly appreciated :)



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