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Steam VR asking me to pulg in my headset when I have the Vive Wireless Adapter


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Hi! I updated my computer, then re-installed all of the software needed for Vive, and Steam VR is asking me to plug in my headset, although Vive Wireless is telling me that my headset is connected. The Vive Wireless was working fine untill now (I purchased my headset at the end of last year). Attached is photos of the Vive Wireless application and the Steam VR application.  Vive Wireless Application           Steam VR Application

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I see one potential issue.. your steamvr is out of date.. it was updated to 1.13.10..... You should really keep your stuff updated,  then after you've done that, restart your pc then comment, also make sure your windows is up to date, and bios drivers, and e.t.c gpu e.t.c


Also right click steamVR and do a verify via properties.

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@VRGamer I haven't been able to test wireless against 1.13.x but to my knowledge there are no known compatibility issues and we haven't seen any more widespread reports of incompatiblity on 1.13.10. What's your bootup order? Generally you want to start the Vive Wireless companion first and then open SteamVR

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