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  1. Just solved the issue with some further troubleshooting. If you have onedrive syncing your desktop folder on windows 11, it stuffs up this dialog. Un-syncing the desktop folder in onedrive fixes the issue.
  2. @Lord Lennart You can buy the controllers and the base stations here. If you only have the headset on its own, you will need 2 base stations and 2 controllers.
  3. Hi! I'm trying to change the drive that viveport installs to, but when I open the change install location setting, I can only see the desktop. My software is up to date (v1.4.16.3) and I am running as admin as I saw on some other threads that that might be the issue. Attached is a screenshot.
  4. I think this may be a steam VR error as when I plug in the headset directly to the link box it is still asking me to plug in my headset.
  5. Yes. That is my start up order. I haver tried using the beta aswell and that is not working.
  6. Hi! I updated my computer, then re-installed all of the software needed for Vive, and Steam VR is asking me to plug in my headset, although Vive Wireless is telling me that my headset is connected. The Vive Wireless was working fine untill now (I purchased my headset at the end of last year). Attached is photos of the Vive Wireless application and the Steam VR application.
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