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Reverse Tethering Focus to PC via USB


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We have multiple customers that are more comfortable having a Vive Focus connect to their corporate network via a computer that they control. We identified a popular tool for reverse tethering Android to a Windows PC via USB:
The tool works fine, however it requires a signature-level permission to work:
We can't find a way to grant this permission to the service on the Focus. Normally there would be a signature permission popup on an Android phone that would look like the (attached) image below.
I tried running some of the sample projects included in the WaveVR native distribution. The closest example I tried was the wvr_simple_deviceservice sample. I also looked at this documentation:
but I'm not sure how to import the PermissionManager into the source code for the tool.
Any guidance on prompting an allowing the user to accept this permission would be appreciated. Or any other suggestions on how to reverse tether the Focus to a PC.


@Cotta @JustinVive

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