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Hand tracking with the Cosmos Elite?

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I am currently developing a product that requires external tracking for precise positional tracking (headset, feet) as well as hand tracking. Does the Cosmos Elite meet these specifications? And all I would need is the Elite and the Wireless Adapter, correct? Thanks!

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Hi @andrewchilicki

Unfortunately, Cosmos Elite is currently not supported by Hand Tracking SDK. This is due to camera stream is not available using current API. We are investigating the possiblitiy to enable camera stream internally, but there is no ETA at the moment.

For now, if you want to use HMD with lighthouse, we recommend Vive Pro or Valve Index, which are both supported by Vive Hand Tracking SDK.

However, wireless adapter is not recommended. With wireless adapter, camera stream is stopped and cannot be resumed if tracking is lost. The only way to have camera stream again is to restart SteamVR.

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