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Help with controllers - No tracking


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I need help with my controllers, they don't track traffic.

Tried unpairing, disable and enable, uninstall and install SteamVR + Vive, install software on another computer, driver updates, computer format. Nothing works, the controllers are still fully charged, paired correctly (green light), but it gets information that the controllers are not tracking movement.

I have HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, 2x Base Stations 2.0, 2x HTC Controller (gray) - All new from the store.

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Did your controllers ever work before or is this a new system?

I know there has been the point made that it can struggle if your light source is white fluro bulb because the controllers use bright white light for tracking. Are you able to try in a yellow tinted light?

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The controllers never worked, I have a problem with them from the beginning of the purchase. Yesterday I went to the CEX store to buy the cheapest used HTC controller (the same model as I bought the new one) but the effect is the same as with the new controllers, it does not tracking.


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@McSamuraj - Grey controllers are first gen controllers that have the first generation triad sensors  (aka Discrete sensors).

In order to work with the newer 2.0 stations, the controllers need the newer Triad sensors (the TS4231 or newer) because the change in architecture between 1.0 and 2.0  basestations is significant enough that the 2.0 basetations aren't backwards compatible.

When it comes to Vive gear, the 2.0 sensor enabled controllers are blue, not grey.

How did you get a Cosmos Elite with 2.0 stations and 1.0 controllers??? The Cosmos Elite bundle ships with 1.0 controllers and 1.0 stations. This is confusing. Are you sure you have 2.0 stations?



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