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Vive Tracker: general FAQs


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General FAQs for Vive Tracker


How do I connect the dongle to my computer?


Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the dongle cradle, and then attach the dongle to the cradle. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer.


How do I charge Vive Tracker?


While in VR, you can check the battery level of Vive Tracker when no apps are running, or when the System Dashboard is up. When the battery is low, the indicator will show a single red dot.


To charge, make sure to use the USB cable that’s in the box. Connect the USB cable to the power adapter that came with your Vive controllers, and then plug the power adapter to a power outlet to charge Vive Tracker. You can also connect Vive Tracker to a computer’s USB port to charge it.


When Vive Tracker is fully charged, its status light either shows white if it is off or green if it is turned on.


How do I pair the dongle with Vive Tracker?


1. Turn on HMD and pair with 2 controllers
2. Connect dongle to your computer
3. Turn on Vive Tracker to have the pairing process is finished automatically


Warning: If Vive Tracker cannot be automatically paired the first time, the dongle may pair with other equipment.


To manually pair Vive Tracker, open the SteamVR app, tap the down arrow, and then select Devices > Pair Controller. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


What does the status light on Vive Tracker mean?


The status light shows:


• Green when Vive Tracker is in normal mode
• Blinking red when battery is low
• Blinking blue when Vive Tracker is pairing with the headset or dongle
• Blue when Vive Tracker is connecting with the headset or dongle
• Orange when charging


How can I update Vive Tracker?


1. From your computer, open the SteamVR app.
2. Using the supplied USB cable, connect the Vive Tracker to one of your computer’s USB ports. The firmware update will start automatically once tracker is detected by the SteamVR

Warning: Do not unplug the micro-USB cable any time before the firmware update is complete. Doing so could result in a firmware error.

3. When the update is complete, click Done.


Why does Vive Tracker automatically turn off?


When Vive Tracker turns off, some of the possible reasons might be:


• The battery is drained
• Pairing has timed out after being idle for more than 30 seconds
• There was no user movement for 5 minutes"


Can I use more than one Vive Tracker?


Multiple Vive Tracker hardware can be used, but limitations apply.


Why can't I see Vive Tracker on SteamVR?


Check that your SteamVR app is the latest version.


How do I reset Vive Tracker?


To reset Vive Tracker, connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable, and then press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.

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