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I have gray screen issue after 20 mins gaming time, it can be best describe as floating,moving with my head, loss of tracking, and image is freezing when I switch to reality surrounding environment! AT FIRST I thought is was a software bug, after I tried everything I can do to troubleshooting and tried contact support team then follow their advice step by step,.not to my surprise, nothing fix this issue, then I thought it might be my cable, bcs it is tangled up, but when after I saw some discussion of very same issues , I thought I got a hardware issue, I decided to sent it back and have it repaired.

I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS: 1.DO I need to cost extra dollar to fix it? there is a date followed by S/N number which is 2019/08, NOT SURE it is still in warranty

                                                 2.I have sent out a report with vive console, trace number is 20200826032700, and how can i track progress?

                                                 3. how long it will take me to get it back? I am in US nowSteamVR-2020-08-25-PM_12_16_01.txt

WeChat Image_20200825122535.jpg

WeChat Image_20200825122543.jpg

WeChat Image_20200825123621.jpg

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