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Pistols jump randomly in game


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Tracking is very poor, even in well lit room.  Issue is for example in shooting games, like VRBrigade 1 and 2.  I fully extend my gun (controller) to use.  The visual representation of the gun jumps around, both back and forth and random places.  My hand is steady and still.  I have tested with several friends of various height and skill level.  The camera or headset has trouble maintaining a steady placement in game.  This makes shooting games unplayable, as my gun will jump around randomly.  So i can't accurately shoot, as the gun ends up in places I'm not aiming.  I'm using the beta. Also I've updated the firmware on everything, and reset the play area.  I've been unhappy with this unit from the start.  However, i gave the company time to fix bugs.  Now it's  a serious issue that needs to be addressed.  I've owned the original htc vive, the vive pro, and now the vive cosmos.  The cosmos has to be the worst of the 3.  Is there any fix to my issue?  I purchased DIRECT from HTC, not a 3rd party vendor.

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