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Access to RAW eye camera feed?


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@ori333 Are you referring to the external forward facing cameras? Yes, developers have access to the camera.


For Focus Plus you will need to use the Wave SDK, relevant camera api here:


For VIVE Pro Eye you will want to use the SteamVR api or SRworks:


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@ori333 - That's Vive Pro Eye.

The eye tracker in Vive Pro Eye is an integration of Tobbi's eye tracking platform. There are heavy protections related to access to the raw retinal images as retinal imagery is considered bio-metric data/PII that's protected under GDPR and similar privacy laws.

In short - you can use two SDK's with Pro Eye:

  • SRAnipal: This is HTC's provided SDK which comes pre-licensed when you purchase the headset. Under our agreement with Tobii, we are not allowed to provide access to retenal images via this SDK.
  • Tobii XR SDK: This is Tobii's in-house SDK. This SDK can support retinal images but you must contact and license the SDK directly from Tobii.

So in short, yes - but only if you license the proper SDK from Tobii.

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