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Repeat gaze data

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I'm accessing eye gaze data in UE4 through the SRanipal plugin-in, but am having issues with repeated data.  Since there seem to be two separate issues, I'll mention both.

First is that, according to logging in SRanipal_Eye_v2::UpdateData, not every frame of device data is received.  From other threads (e.g. https://forum.vive.com/topic/5897-getting-verbosedata-at-the-fastest-rate-possible/) it seems like I should ignore the plugin and call GetEyeData_v2 directly from a worker thread operating at more than 120Hz, and use frame_sequence to identify unique frames.

However, even though I'm currently only receiving about 63 frames per second (the main thread tick rate?), the gaze data contains repeated values.  In 9 out of 535 samples taken (excluding zeros - blinks?) gaze direction was repeated from the previous frame_sequence value, which in each case was smaller by 2.  That is, the gaze direction in frame_sequence 3717 was identical to that in 3715.  Is it to be expected that not every frame will have unique data?  Should I mark such frames as containing no gaze data, as I assume this cannot arise by chance?  If I manage to get every frame received, what fraction of repeated data can I expect?  I assume in the observed cases that at least three frames in a row had the same gaze data, so presumably consecutive frames are more likely to contain repeated data.


@Daniel_Y, @Marios Bikos

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