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New High End XEON CPU support

Ivo Gielen

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A small introduction for our company, we are an engineering company and we started using VR for model reviews internally and with clients.
We've started out with one Cosmos Headset and last month we extended this. But what we found then was the following;
The headset we had been using was with a dedicated CAD laptop and worked well. This laptop is from 2018. The new headsets were connected to newer systems (2020) and allready in the installations of VIVE Console we had the notification that the processor would not be sufficient for VR. And when in an VR model we experience continuous drifting (flying forward). We've tested this on more systems and for now the theory holds that this problems occurs on all newer systems. This is strange as the new processors are much more powerfull. Below some specs;
Processor workstation old; Xeon E3-1545M
Processor workstation new; Xeon E-2186 / Xeon E-2286
We've updated all software pieces in the process (Steam, VIVE, Prospect, Windows, NVidea)
Below some conversation with the VIVE support desk, which could not provide us with any answers. We've been testing there questions for the last two weeks now:
See our responses in RED. Thank you.
  • Are all the Vive Cosmos headsets in the same room? With the multiple headset testing yes. But drifting is also present when connected as only one in the room to the new workstations/laptops.
  • How many headsets do you have in the room? 1 or 2 (As mentioned above)
  • Do they all have their own play area? Yes (when applicable)
  • Are you using all the original cables with no adapters, converters, or splitters? Yes. Basestation and cabling are all original (as to oldest headset is 3 months old)
  • What are the graphics card models on the new processors? Below the different devices which we have tested on. The 2017 laptop is the only one were VR works fine (without drifting). And is the only one where, when installing, there is no error message about the CPU
For the 2017 laptop (which works fine): 
Dell Precision 7720
Quadro P4000
Intel Xeon E3-1545M v5 @ 2,9Ghz
32 GB

Laptop 1 (Message for to slow CPU when installating VIVE Software and drifting occuring):
HP Zbook 15 G6
Nvidea Quadro RTX2000
Intel E-2286M @ 2.4Ghz
32 GB
Laptop 2 (Message for to slow CPU when installating VIVE Software and drifting occuring):
Dell Precision Laptop 7730
Nvidea Quadro P4000
Intel E-2186M Xeon 2,9 Ghz
32 GB
Workstation 1 (Message for to slow CPU when installating VIVE Software and drifting occuring):
Dell Precision T5820
Nvidea Quadro P5000
Intel Xeon W-2135 @ 3.7 GHz
32 GB
And here some conclusions we can make after testing and the answers we need (Copied from e-mail):
Just to clarify some of the remarks you made on the use of the VIVE Cosmos:
- We have tried all our headsets on four different stations (workstations and laptop's). All the headsets are working good on the older laptop with older Xeon CPU (see conversation below for the specs). All headsets have the same drifting problem when on the newer stations with new Xeon CPU's (see conversation below for the sepcs).
- We have tested the above also when only one headset in the room. Same results; so drifting on the newer stations with new Xeon CPU's and good functioning of the headset on the older model.
- HTC states that an i5 CPU (as mentioned by you below) is the minimum requirement for VR. When we do a benchmark test with that i5 against our new Xeon CPU and i9 mentioned by my colleague below the results are as followed; lowest score i5 CPU (mid range for al CPU's), middle score i9 CPU (High end range for al CPU's), best score Xeon E-2286M CPU (Top ranked high end range for al CPU's). 
- We've also run a SteamVR performance test which states that the new systems are far above recommended for VR.
So we can conclude from our conversations and testing is the following;
- Headsets work fine when connected to a station which does not give the warning with installation for a CPU that could be to slow
- On the stations were the message occurs for a slow CPU, there is an CPU installed that is much higher ranked than the minimum requirements given by HTC
What we now want to now is the following;
- Where does the message for a "slow CPU" come from? What does this "CPU check" look at when installing? A list for compatible CPU's? A speed test? Or something else?
- Is compatibility for Xeon processors different than for i5's (and i7, i9 etc)?
- Will compatibility come at a later date?
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Few feedback for your information.

1. CPU on laptop 2 should be on our whitelist. could you send me one dxdiag to check?

2. Are you referring to RTX3000 or T2000 on Laptop 1? If it is RTX 3000 then it should be alright. 

3. Tracking on Cosmos are all done on Headset itself, the drifting shouldn't be PC related, can you check if that working headset is also working on the other PCs?


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