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Dashboard buttons not responding


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Hello all! I've been dealing with a very frustrating issue since I purchased my Vive. More often then not most of the dashboard buttons, specifically the bottom row, does not respond to clicks.


I've worked with HTC support twice on this issue. The first time the tech had me update firmware, re-pair controllers, but we never addressed the issue. The second time we uninstalled and reinstalled both Steam and the Vive software which did resolve the issue for a little while. This morning I've gone through pairing again, firmware updates, reinstalling Steam and Vive, and still im unable to use the dashboard. 


The link below is a short clip of what I see happening. 



Has anyone experianced this issue and know what I should try next?


Thank you!

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Hey , sorry to hear this. Must be annoying!


Have you had any issues selecting or focusing on objects in the lower part of the screen in any apps or games? Did you notice problems with one controller vs another? Apologies if these are questions you've already gotten from Customer Care.

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