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Distance between base stations, 1.0 vs 2.0?


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I have a Vive Pro HMD but kept my old lighthouses (from the regular Vive). These lighthouses often triggered warnings in Steam VR for being slightly too far apart (I forget the distance but I think it's a bout 1.5 feet farther apart than suggested) but I never had tracking issues with my old Vive HMD. The Vive Pro though seems a bit touchier, with wands or with Index controllers. I'm wondering if upgrading to the vive pro base stations might resolve this. Do they allow a greater distance between them? I know they allow for larger play area but I haven't seen anything about different distance between stations online.



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@razgour - 1.0 basestations max out at about a 4.5m max distance between the two units diagonally. You can try to squeeze out a little extra distance by using the sync cable but your results will vary by environment.

Basestation 2.0's should be no more than 5.5m apart from one another under a standard use case. Exceeding this distance will result in SteamVR displaying error messages and tracking degradation. You can use upto 4, 2.0 stations in a space to attempt to achieve upto a 10x10m playspace if you place the units strategically but your headset tether length starts to become a limitation. When using 2.0 stations, don't place them in corners - you'll cannibalize their ultrawide FOV by putting them in a right angle corner.

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Thank you for the specifics, that's exactly the information I needed.

Can you confirm for me though, I was just looking at the ordering page for the base stations and is says they do not work with the original vive wands. Is that true? I have index controllers but I still prefer the wands for a lot of games.

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@razgour - That is correct.

2.0 base-stations only work with the newer revision of the Vive controller that's blue (pictured below). The original black Vive wands have sensors which predate the technology used within 2.0 basestations and they're 100% incompatible with 2.0 stations.


Devices with the newer sensors (knuckles, the 2018 revision of the Vive wand) work with both 1.0 and 2.0 stations.

Amazon.com: HTC Vive Controller (2018): Video Games

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