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Help! Red blinking light on my Base Station 2.0!


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@StevenStrick369, unfortunately a blinking red light on a 2.0 base-station indicates a mechanical problem within the device. Due to being a high-speed precision mechanical device, you can't repair these in-home as repair requires precise machinery and parts.

Your device is likely covered under warranty. To start a repair ticket, please capture the serial number off of the back of the unit, and start a live chat via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us.

The best way to maximize the lifespan of a base-station is to enable base-station power management within SteamVR's device settings and force the devices into "sleep" mode so they power down when not being used.

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So you guys are saying mechanical issue, yet I received malware update and suddenly "Red Light Of Death" "Blinking Red Light" on one of my HTC Vive pro 2.0 base stations which haven't moved since new. so life span of a 200$ base station is only 6 months, probably only 30 hours run time powered up. 

given the update did this, why not send a patch to allow for higher tolerances, in your other guys posts you mention motor speed and how some stations are considered faulty because of slower rpm I assume. 

"prior tracking session" is the only info i can get out of it. Doesn't even list software version on each independent station talk about not having any "trouble shooting help", like it doesn't even have "contact us" on it, had to google it to find out this info. 

The whole RMA system is a joke probably be forced to go that route,  paid 1400$ for the unit why not send me one first or fix the clearly faulty design and provide easy to find fault list so we can find it. instead of many, many, many topic discussions going straight to private chat/PM. Trying to keep this whole product failure secret or least on the down low?.  

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@yetimadness - we don't manufacturer 2.0 base stations but resell units we purchase from Valve. If an update caused the unit to brick that update would have come from Valve, not HTC. Basestations spin at ~3600RPM and have to having timing accuracy within 1/1000th of a second for tracking to function - they have pretty narrow operation constraints.  Valve manages all of the SteamVR tech stack - they haven't created a GUI to determine firmware version but you can usually see the firmware version by running C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win64\lighthouse_console.exe. That said, it doesn't really matter that much because from Valve's prospective, only the current firmware version is accessible and there is no way to downgrade the firmware to a previous version.

That said, you think this was instigated by a firmware update, you can go into SteamVR -> Devices -> Basestation Settings -> Recover from Incomplete Update to attempt a firmware recovery.

There is one place for hardware support and it's accessible from all of our support pages www.vive.com/support/contactus. That said, by purchasing a 2.0 station through HTC you get 2 year warranty on that attestation rather than a 1 year warranty if you purchased through Valve.


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