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Foveation settings not working well on right eye (WaveXR 1.0.1)


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Today I tried enabling the Foveation settings in the WaveVR build settings (Unity 2019.4, WaveXR 1.0.1) and run it on my Vive Focus. 

I am seeing some strange results... where it seems as the effect is always visible on the right eye, when it shouldn't.

For example, if I put both left and right ClearVisionFOV at the same value (e.g. 80 deg) and left/right PeripheralQuality at the same value also (e.g. 'high'), I still see a very strong foveation effect in my right eye, where it is not visible at all in the left eye.

Even when I put the ClearVisionFOV extremely high, like 120, the *right* eye still looks just as strongly affected (i.e. very pixelated except for the middle say 1/3rd of the screen)

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a known issue? Render mode is Single pass stereo, by the way. 



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