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Cosmos elite Need displayport


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I have just received my cosmos elite in the mail only to find out I need a displayport/displayport mini, Two things my laptop does not have, I have tried ordering an hdmi to displayport adapter to see if that works. Im at my wits end. I had no idea id run into a problem like this. I really need answers. I spent all year saving up money for this only to have it end up a total waste. 


I was told hdmi adapters were too slow with the monitor, Im sorry if i sound like I dont know anything about technology, I dont. Im so sorry. 

Are there any adapters i can potentially use with my cosmos elite vr headset? I only have a HDMI output, I cannot afford to buy a new laptop or build a pc.

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On retrospect i dont think theres anything i can do besides refund. My geforce graphics card does not have a Usb port associated with it. I need one of those obviously to connect the console to my laptop but i just dont have it. I have no idea if i can still get a refund. the Vive software is also taking up a lot of space on my computer and I have no idea where to uninstall it besides manually which is always messy. I am so sorry I dont know more about technology to help describe the problem. I am so sorry. Please, Please help me.

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