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"Drivers unavailable"


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My cosmos used to work perfectly but now whenever i plug in my headsets HDMI it says "Setting up device QUSB_BULK then says "Drivers unavailable" and then proceeds to not work and have 108 errors for steamvr and 001 errors for vive console.

Any help would be appreciated i have tried wiping all data and uninstalling vive console and steamvr and all other reccomened options.




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Did you get a resolution to your issue? I am having a similar problem with my Cosmos headset. Error 001 Headset not connected in Vive Console and the following in Devices when the headset is plugged in:




I have opened an issue report via Vive console but last email from Technical Support has stated that "Based on the driver's details that you have provided it indicates that some of your cables are having a problem which leads to drivers issue or misbehaves". I am skeptical that they can determine that this issue is caused by a faulty cable, and not a faulty headset, just by the 'driver's details'.


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On 11/30/2020 at 3:51 AM, Sasavane said:

cuerdo que no hay HDMI en mi a

If you use amd ryzen it is a known problem, a solution I found is to turn on the "link box" but without connecting the usb to the box when it turns on and remains stable for a few seconds you connect the usb to the box.

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