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How to know ViveRole in AfterGrabbed Event


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Hi, could you please recommend the best way to get ViveRole during AfterGrabbed Event.

The task - i get the drill with left or right hand. I need to switch vibration on left or right hand inside AfterGrabbed() function. How can I know what hand is holding the drill?

I wanted to use BasicGrabbable.currentGrabber but it seems it is not the link to the hand gameObject.

What is the right method  to get ViveRole to call ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration? @chengnay

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@AlGoldenwere you able to resolve? For others asking about this:

    public void OnGrabbed(BasicGrabbable grabbedObj)
        ViveColliderButtonEventData viveEventData;
        if (!grabbedObj.grabbedEvent.TryGetViveButtonEventData(out viveEventData)) { return; }

        switch (viveEventData.viveRole.ToRole<HandRole>())
            case HandRole.RightHand:
                if (rightGrabbingSet.Add(grabbedObj.gameObject) && rightGrabbingSet.Count == 1)

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