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Where to register IAPs


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I'm trying to implement (non-subscription) IAPs but I can't see where in the portal I should register them? In the "In-App Purchase" section I see only entries for getting my API key, registering a webhook URL and setting up subscription based IAPs. Am I missing something? or am I miss-understanding how IAPs should be setup?

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@DeanCode There is sample code for Unity/Unreal here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/viveport/sdk/documentation/english/viveport-sdk/apis/-app-purchase-iap-api/sample-code/

What engine are you using?

With Unity the current flow is to Viveport Init, check IAP is ready, add items, create Request (with price), and send Purchase.


Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, VIVEPORT_ID);
IAPurchase.IsReady(mListener, API_KEY);
mListener.mItem.items = new string[3];
mListener.mItem.items[0] = "sword";
mListener.mItem.items[1] = "knife";
mListener.mItem.items[2] = "medicine";
IAPurchase.Request(mListener, "1");
IAPurchase.Purchase(mListener, mListener.mItem.ticket);


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