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Constant display errors in all VR software


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I've recently picked up my Vive again after a few months of not using it (last used in early October with no issues), although I've come across strange issues that render every game unplayable, where they weren't before. Every VR piece of software has an unusually high latency even with Legacy reprojection on, and constant display errors where there weren't any before. My system didn't struggle prior, except in Vivecraft - although even then that wasn't wholly unplayable, as with every game regardless of how graphically intensive it is - even Superhot/The Lab/SteamVR home struggle.

I've attached some screenshots of the frame timings, where all I am doing is looking "outside" in SteamVR home, causing massive spikes in display errors. The blank space of green in the first image is the default loading screen of SteamVR.

The issue persists even if the only running processes are Steam and SteamVR. I am running an i5-4690K with no overclock, an R9 380X with no overclock and 12GB of RAM.

I've tried:

  • updating my GPU drivers,
  • rolling back to both a May (20.5.1) and September (20.9.1) version,
  • disabling motion smoothing
  • running Windows Defender for antiviruses, to find none
  • reinstalling bluetooth drivers,
  • disabling bluetooth connection of the lightboxes,
  • reinstalling SteamVR,
  • reinstalling my VR games,
  • reinstalling GPU drivers with a clean post-DDU install,
  • changing from optical sync to cable sync on the lighthouses,
  • changing my link box port from USB 2.0 to 3.0,
  • reinstalling the USB drivers for the VR headset
  • rolling back my CPU overclock from 4Ghz to the default 3.5Ghz
  • and updating my Windows 10 to the latest version.

Frankly I have no idea what's going on here. Any help would be appreciated, and let me know if I'm missing any information that could be useful 🙂


frame timings 2.PNG

Frame timings.PNG

AMD Driver version.PNG

SteamVR Performance Test 1.PNG

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