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Vive Cosmos Controller OpenXR Feature for Unity


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On 1/28/2022 at 2:57 AM, Alex_HTC said:

@fstorehaugThis is the project I was using for reference: https://github.com/ViveDeveloperRelations/CosmosOpenXRSampleProject 

Tried running with SteamVR beta 1.21.6 as OpenXR runtime, I get this error -

Failed to suggest bindings for interaction profile '/interaction_profiles/htc/vive_cosmos_controller' with result 'XR_ERROR_PATH_UNSUPPORTED'.

I had to go to Project Settings > XR Plug-In Management settings > OpenXR > Interaction Profiles and add HTC Vive Cosmos Support before doing this. The camera just renders black too presumably because of the error.

Issue link: https://github.com/ViveDeveloperRelations/CosmosOpenXRSampleProject/issues/1

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20 hours ago, Alex_HTC said:

Does it work with the non-beta version?
I'll check out the beta later

Unfortunately not but the beta is always newer.

It also led me to discovering this bug



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Just updated VIVE Console today from the previous version to and now I get this error:

Failed to suggest bindings for interaction profile '/interaction_profiles/htc/vive_cosmos_controller' with result 'XR_ERROR_PATH_UNSUPPORTED'.

Everything was working fine yesterday, wanted to make sure it wasn't my Unity project so I hopped on an earlier commit where I knew everything was working and it's broken there as well.

Unity 2020.3.30f1, XR Interaction Toolkit 2.0.0, XR Plugin Management 4.2.1.

I see the controllers working just fine in Viveport and SteamVR home.

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