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Cosmos Mic Volume Low


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This seems an ongoing issue, as have read several posts about this and been through support with no solutions (Using Windows 10, SteamVR and Vive Consle betas). The cosmos needs a way to boost the microphone volume as it is very low.

It never gets above half the volume bar in Windows Audio settings. We are using it for a voice recognition application running alongside and it is not high enough to trigger the application. Other wireless and wired microphones work fine and their volume is far higher. 

Any suggestions or simple low-overhead applications for audio signal boosting? We are using a resource intensive application, so don't want to add more complexity to the system if possible.


University of British Columbia


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Tumbleweed rolls through... as a research department we have spent over $15,000 on HTC VR equipment and the level of technical support is rather underwhelming to say the least. No solution through the help desk or on their suggestion to post the microphone issue here.
What does appear clear is that the Vive Cosmos microphone is seriously flawed. If anyone is planning to use this HMD for VR work requiring speech, bear in mind you will need to use an alternative audio-input solution.
Dr. Bernie Garrett
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