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suitable laptop for developing simple HTC VivePro games in unity


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Hello guys. I'm asking for your assistance for choosing a laptop to develop VR (HTC VIVEPro) simple games in unity. just for your information, VivePro supports only and only display port. the laptop I am looking for, must not only satisfy a display port 1.2+, but also the port defined for this purpose must be wired to GPU. thank you in advance.

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@Meratreun - Unfortunately, it's not really possible for us to recommend a laptop because thousands of new laptop models hit the market every year and it's impossible for us to test most of them for compatibility. You understand that the primary requirements which are the key toward sourcing a laptop; namely that you need a MiniDisplayport 1.2+ port that's hardwired to the dGPU.

If you find a laptop with a USB-C port that's wired to the dGPU - you can this adapter: Club3D USB-C -> Dislayport. It's one of those situations where you may have to do some back and fourth where you find a model that suits your specs on paper, and then you contact the OEM to inquire about how that specific model's port configuration is hardwired.

This is the MiniDisplayport cable we recommend: Cable-Matters-Mini-DisplayPort-Black

Internally at Vive, we use Razer Pro 17's but we haven't gotten samples of any of the newly released RTX3xxx versions to test against the newer models.

If you're looking at an RTX3xxx laptop model - please be aware of this change with how 3xxx cards are being marketed. It's confusing. Dave2D is creating a spreadsheet to track it. Dave2D is a solid channel - he's pretty reliable when it comes to laptops.

Regardless of what laptop you choose, I would recommend budgeting ~$50 for a laptop cooling pad since you'll be using it as a workstation. Thermals are the key limiting factor for any gaming laptop.


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