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Slight audio Delay between two identical sources


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Hi there, I am using Unity 2020.2.3f1 with Vive Audio SDK 1.2.2. I came upon a strange behaviour of the 3DSP Audio Source Component . When placing two identical audiosources (Unity's Audio Source+3DSP Audio Source) in the same room with same settings near to each other there is audible delay between these two sources as if one audio source starts before another one. The only parameter ticked in both 3DSP Audio Sources is 3 D Sound Effect.  Doppler on both Unity's Audio Sources is zero. @Professor 3DSound

Please have a look and listen


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Hi @jbfproductions,

Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate about the information you have provided.
We have reproduced this phenomenon and are working really hard to come out the solution.
The solution would be built after a few days later.
We want to invite you to be the first one, as the user of our solution.
Please mail to Prof. 3D Sound, whos mail address is vive3dsp@htc.com
We would contact you as soon as the solution has been prepared.



Best regards,

3D Sound Group

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