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Got a new Vive Cosmos Elite and Wireless Adapter Full Kit


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I recently got the wireless kit for my Cosmos Elite but can't seem to get it to pair at all

light just keeps blinking green and nothing happens I am a sad boy
My plan was to bring the base stations into the next room and play in the other room wireless, I even tried simply setting things up in front of the pc itself but no dice

I've followed all directions that I am suppose to and watched several YouTube videos on it, I really want it to work like...just connect once even if I have to play in the same room as my Pc thats fine but it just won't pair

I've restarted my pc more than once
I've pressed and held the vive button on the wireless adapter for over 10 seconds and I've also simply pressed it

Here is my problem
After a full recharge on my powebank
I try again later that night to pair it cuz I thought eh maybe it just needs to be at full charge
When I attempt to pair it, the wireless adapter will blink green slowly for a while then eventually start blinking red and then turn off
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