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I recently bought a Cosmos, but I'm having problems with the camera tracking. Everytime I crouch in a game to pick up something off the ground, the ground suddenly gets raised. I live in a small flat and the headset is set up in my bedroom near where the computer is, so there's limited space to move around. Tried looking online for a solution, but I'm getting nowhere.

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@Gabby31 - My #1 tip for debugging optical tracking is to enable pass-through on the headset to get an idea of what the headset's cameras are actually seeing. This can let you know if things are too bright, dark, or if you don't have enough visual texture in your room.

Is there enough visual "texture" in your environment to allow the headset's cameras to calculate the headset's location?

If your floor is a solid color, or it's a dark floor with and you have high-contrast white walls, it can make the floor invisible to the cameras. Try confirming with pass-through.

You can try to add objects to your floor to increase tracking. High contrast objects, photos, or unique patterns can help.

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Motion capture uses motion-tracking cameras to capture the movement of an actor or object wearing motion tracking markers. The data is sent to a computer equipped with motion capture software, like Cortex. Cortex takes the motion capture data and creates a virtual skeleton that moves with the actor in real-time. As the actor performs, the director and the production team can see watch a preliminary animated version of the actor’s performance. Once the desired performance has been achieved, the character can be animated over the skeleton in post-production or real-time.

Our motion capture technology offers a perfect solution for video games and movies. Cortex has a unique identification process that allows it to capture even the most subtle movements. Physical interactions, like weight or exchange of forces, can be captured with low-latency results. This allows them to be rendered in a physically accurate way. Our mocap software also features integrated, industry-exclusive solvers that allow easy, one-step retargeting and skeleton creation. Additionally, Cortex is compatible with Maya, MotionBuilder, Unity, and Unreal game engines.

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