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Green stars, HDMI issue?


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Hi there,


I set up my Vive in the room next to my PC room. I ran a USB and 25' HDMI cable to the breakout box sitting in the VR room. When using the Vive I am getting very noticable green flying specks in any black/dark area (space, sky, menu bars, etc.) it looks like the old windows starfield screensaver. - except in green.

So I brought my headset next to my PC and used a shorter HDMI cable to the breakout box - no green specks. So this has me thinking it is the cable. The cable is brand new 25 foot HDMI 2.0 from "Canada Computers". I put a monitor in the VR room at the end of this new cable and I see no issue.


Any thoughts on how to get it working? HDMI booster? Active cable? Is the Vive's HDMI specification picky?


Thank you.

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