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Cosmos Seeing real surroundings reassign button?


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@HackPerception,no i use Cosmos, not Cosmos Elite, if I press a button on my helmet I can see my room. I want to know the command that can be sent to ViveConsole.exe or ViveVRServer.exe to enable this mode. or to achieve this when you raise the helmet in Vive Origin.

24 minutes ago, HackPerception said:

@zra123 You can if you're using the optically tracked Cosmos and the optically tracked controllers. Pass through unfortunately isn't currently supported on the Cosmos Elite/External Tracking Faceplate due to a deep and hard to resolve conflict with SteamVR (it's complicated...)




vive origin.png

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@C.T. yes, you can easily sync two play spaces. but this does not apply to my problem, I want to understand whether it is possible to reassign the action to another button or do it software or via sdk.

I also have vive controllers, the beta version includes supported pass-through for Elite. can i apply this to Cosmos?

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