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Repair in endless limbo


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I'm in limbo with my repair with HTC and I hope someone has advice to how to unstick this. 


I sent  a vive controller for warranty repair after discussing with HTC support.  It was delivered according to the fedex tracking ID.


That was more than 5 weeks ago.  Over the last 5 weeks I've contacted HTC Support a dozen times via the two methods I know of  - chat and email.  The reps tell me they will check with the repair center and will get a response in 48 hours but they never have anything for me.  


I'm frustrated.  Is there some secret support number /email / process / secret handshake I need to use to get this repair moving?  The ticket still shows not received by the repair center.


Thanks so much if you can offer a contact that can help.

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Sorry to say, I'm in a similar boat.

Base station became defective, agreed to get it sent off and was told I'd get instructions by e-mail within 24hrs. That was last week. Now I get no answers to my e-mail and the live chat is offline.

Hopefully this is a temprary state of affairs.

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I've replied.


It looks like there is currently no way to contact Vive UK support. The live chat is offline, and the e-mail verification Captcha does not load on the page. None of that is helpful obviously, but it may go a little way to explaining things.


They do also have my phone number so I'm assuming they are under attack by murderous demons who have cut off power and communications. Hope they survive because we have a game to develope... and y'know because basic humany decency makes me want them to escape teh demons 'n' stuff.


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I am having a similar experience and from the Htc assistance chat i had received only inconclusive reassurances that they'd handle it "as fast as possible" . They say it is a stock problem but after 4 weeks i am being told that i start not to believe much to them anymore (and also from the experiences i read online, this isn't a rare situation).


The Vive headset was shipped and received, it was confirmed it was a under warranty repair, then they told me it was a replacement (better so, for a brand new item) and since then, just a "stock issue". On Friday i talked with one operator telling me it was ready for shipping, but on Tuesday (today) it is again stock issue.


Even with a stock issue, a month is way too long, expecialy since i was predicted a time of 5-7 days. 

Is there anyone actually really able to help with this painful process? At the moment my thought is that when i'll get it back i probably will ask a refund and buy an Oculus.

It's a pity because Vive is a marvelous device but this kind of technology, at this kind of price, can't be owned with a basically inexistant assistance care.


A very disappointed enthusiast customer

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I would be honored to be able to help get this taken care of!  Please Private Message me with the Ticket number for this issue, your name that you gave, and your email address.  Please make sure it's in PM, as you don't need that information on the public forum!


Eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Thank you, 



Vive Customer Support



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Thanks for checking up on my situation Rhiannon,


It took 4 attempts with teh customer service today as there was some odd technical issues between the CS guys and the courriers tehy use it appears, but it was all sorted a few hours ago and I have now got my ticket. Hopefully things will go much smoother with the actual repair and I'll be back in business within a couple of weeks.


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