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How to detect when the user re-centers using SteamVR in Unity.


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I'd like to detect when the user does a 're-center' from the SteamVR menu when using my game.  How do I detect a recenter event?  The equivalent in the Oculus SDK is to subscribe to the OVRManager event:

        OVRManager.display.RecenteredPose += SomeFunction;

How do I do it using SteamVR? 

(I'm using Unity 2019.4.22f1)


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@bio998 If using SteamVR SDK, you call IVRSystem::ResetSeatedZeroPose. You may have to go into your project settings and ensure your tracking universe is set to seated to ensure the transform behaves as properly - how you do this step depends on your Unity version but in general you go to Window > SteamVR Input > Advanced Settings > SteamVR Settings > "Tracking Space Origin" [drop-down menu], "Tracking Universe Seated".

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