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Can't install VIVE Cosmos software


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I can't install VIVE Cosmos software from my office pc. I have downloaded the "ViveSetup.exe" from https://www.vive.com/eu/setup/

When I try to install the software then appears the message "Download failed - Please check the network connection and try again".

I have no problem when I try to install the software at home, so maybe it is a problem with the corporation router, firewall or antivirus.

I know that other users had the same problem and the solution was to open some port from the router, but I don't know which one should we open.

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@jsr2k1 . The installer just connects directly to our servers. It's super straightforward with no funny biz so if you're getting network errors there's a good chance it's related to firewall, AV, or port forwarding. Double check that you're allowing the app through Windows Firewall and any other firewall or other apps which may be moderating your internet connection.

Here's the networking info for Viveport @jsr2k1 - it's a super standard HTTP/HTTPS setup:

The Viveport installer and software make outgoing connections to our servers’ TCP port 80 (HTTP) and TCP port 443 (HTTPS). DNS name resolution to the DNS service on the client side utilizes UDP port 53 & TCP port 53. 

These are the wildcard domains that are currently used (changes over time):

                *.viveport.com, *.*.viveport.com & viveport.com
                *.vive.link & vive.link
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