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Vive Pro 2 Discount

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I contacted Support and they sent me this link: https://viveconreg.vive.com/vivecon?locale=en&order_access_key=gEttP3q2hzyLbHXEQWv5GQim

Looking forward to an HTC Vive employee to confirm this. I did sign up and am waiting "up to 24 hours" to receive my discount code.

To me, this is quite confusing. How is Vivecon 2021 equivalent to a newsletter? Please update the website to include a hyperlink to said newsletter and if it's not a newsletter and rather signing up for ViveCon 2021 it should say as such.

Not very impressed.

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Looking a bit further by myself, it seems Support may have misspoke.

I went to the main page: https://www.vive.com/us/

And scrolled all the way down and found the newsletter you can sign up for. Whether the ViveCon 2021 registration link HTC Support provided me is equivalent to the Newsletter I found by myself after scouring the website is unknown. I would just do both if I were you until we have some confirmation.

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Hello everyone. Our teams identified the root cause of the issue and have applied patches. This specific issue you had was caused by an unexpectedly high surge of pre-order volume spread that sustained. Pro 2 is hot. Our teams needed to implement some quick fixes to smooth everything out.

Don't worry - we will ensure you're taking care of. Either you can try again (it should work now), or reach out to a livechat agent in your region (www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us) - we'll ensure you get a discount code applied for Pro 2 order. If you've already placed a pre-order without the code so you wouldn't loose your place in line, still do reach out to see if they can apply that on the backend.

We're super sorry for the inconvenience and are here to help if you have any further issues trying to place an order.

@testgrounds @Kikette @Dre64 @Fox is Vibin @VirtualSteve

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To: HackPerception

Well, I contacted www.vive.com/support like you said above and was helped by Rafael M. He cancelled my original order even though I showed him your post from here.

I then requested the code just a few minutes ago to try again. The web site still will not apply the discount as of 2:20 PM MST on May 14th. It says invalid promo code.  He has escalated this,  but I don't wish to lose my spot again so I reordered it just a few minutes ago without the code. I don't want to keep cancelling my orders to get $50. The other thing I noticed was that you have to accept pop up's in order to sign up for the newsletter to get the code in the first place. I have pop ups turned off in most cases which causes issues in getting the code in the first place. I currently have a Valve Index which I like. I sure hope this headset turns out to be worth the cost. At least the FOV is up to 120 degrees horizontal not diagonal which is slightly more than my Index. I hope the colors and brightness are at least as good as the index, and there is less distortion / god rays. It's a lot of money to spend without any reviews out yet.

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