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I preordered the vive pro 2 but i did get a email that my order was cancled,i didnt cancel it and the money is off my bank account!


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I did preorder the vive pro 2 and used the discount code..A couple off hours later i got a email that my order is cancled.

I didnt cancel it,and when i look at my bank account you see that it is paid with ideal.

I also called the bank they said there is nothing wrong with my payment.

So now my money is gone and the preorder is cancled..

I have read on the internet you had these problems a couple off years ago too with the vive preorder..(https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-orders-being-cancelled-due-to-payment-procesing-issues/) 

Please fix this!

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@cees Contact a live chat agent specific to your region - every region has their own customer care team.

Go to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us (in the top banner) to start a chat with a live agent.

There's a chance that what's currently on your card is either just an auth or will be refunded if the order was rejected for whatever reason.

I assure you, this would be completely unrelated to anything that happened 4 years ago.


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The payment was done with ideal,my bank says there is nothing wrong with my payment..

There is something wrong at your site..And it looks like the old payment process issues..

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@cees You should definitely contact your regional care center to figure out why your specific order has been listed as canceled. There's a chance that the payment you see in your bank is either an auth or is a full charge that will will be refunded to your account after several business days processing. They should be able to figure out the specifics of this order.

As far as I'm aware, there aren't other reports of this happening so it's likely specific to something with your order. In 2016, the number of people who were rejected by Digital River's process was pretty small and I'm surprised press bothered to write about it as many of those cases were people who specifically didn't type in a CCW code for their card and so their payment couldn't be processed.

We do still use Digital River as our payment processor, but Digital River is super widely used and processes $3bn a year in transactions. That said, some banks don't play as nicely with Digital River.

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So i its more then a week ago and i have contacted support many times..But my money is still not back on my account.. I cant preorder the vive pro 2 again before i got my money back(and then hope its gonne go right) I dont hope more people get this problem with their ideal payment..because the preorder is almost ending!

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On 5/25/2021 at 5:46 AM, chrisjordan09 said:

Contact a live chat representative in your area; each region has its own customer service staff.

i did that,but i get the same old story everytime.

This is what they say everytime: Regarding your inquiry, we are still waiting for updates and we have also  raised a reminder to our escalation team so once they reply back to us, we will send it to you immediately. 

But they got prove from my bank account etc that its payed etc..

Its almost two weeks and i still dont got my money back,also the preorder is almost ended so i dont be in time again to preorder it again if my money isnt back on my account..

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Okay an the positive site now,today after again some emails they found it and its fixed now..Thx for that!

Only i think i am gonne cancel my preorder anyway now,the reviews are too bad..

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What reviews are you looking at?

I saw a couple idiots on Youtube trying to say it wasn't all that great at tracking... as they used the index controllers (which is why the tracking was bad).  

The rest say it's a solid choice, a good upgrade and only lacks new style controllers.

Which is fine for me.  Anyone that's actually any good at shooting games prefers the Vive controllers that you can hold the same way each time over the other controllers you have to strap to your hand which means you'll never get it centered or aiming exactly the same way twice.

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