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Vive Pro 2 multiple issues/questions

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So I just got my Vive Pro 2. 

I had an original Vive, upgraded to Vive Pro in 2018( followed by the wireless adapter a year later) and now I've supported HTC again by upgrading to the VP2 and going back to wired to take advantage of higher rez and refresh rate.........

So....a few questions I hope somone with knowledge can answer, first I've played with the settings in Vive console and done default display which is Ultra ( 4896x2448, 90hz) and also bumped it up to Extreme ( 4896x2448, 120 Hz)......I understand mabey not noting any difference in 90 vs 120 HZ but frankly I see zero difference in resolution or clarity over the Vive Pro at all ( Half Life Alex, No Man's Sky, Walking dead, or even Home)...I have Steam VR at default which is 100 percent I guess. Is there somthing I'm missing?.....Also,  No Man's Sky seems to be a choppy graphical mess now. Granted it's been a year since I played it on Vive Pro but it was butter smooth then, so IDK if it's Vive new software or the game.

Second and last, it appears that in all 3 of these games when I move my character in game, either walking or turning my head my FOV shrinks. Like dark circles or tunnel vision. If I stop moving the darkness retracts. I never noticed this before and it's game ruining for me really.

In addition to all this the general FOV feels like less than the Vive Pro despite being higher on paper, the clarity seems the same or less even despite apparently being a significant jump over the Vive Pro.

My specs: i9 9900k, EVGA 3090 FTW, 32 gig ddr4 3200mhz, Samsung 960 pro 1 TB M.2 SSD

Somone please help me with this........and change my mind.

Thanks in advance. 

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Update: So I retried Half Life Alyx and Into the Radius and the tunnel vision/ shrinking FOV is not present in those 2 games. Just in No Man's Sky and Walking Dead. So not a Vive Pro 2 issue I suppose. 

Still no perceievable sharpness or Clarity difference over the original Vive Pro at Extreme resolution setting and 120 HZ.

FOV still seems smaller and finding the proper eye distance and IPD seems more difficult if not near impossible with this headset over the the VP1..so often the game is blurry unless I get the head knob, head strap, face distance and IPD just right. Even then my eyes have to look strait ahead or it's blurry in places. 

But I digress.

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This is really useful information, both to developers and to potential forthcoming buyers.

I have Vive pro and am completely intending to purchase Vive pro 2 - after a few software updates that is!

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