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VIVE PRO 2 Missing Driver in Offline Enviroment


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Hello Support

Im Working for a Company which have a lot of VIVE PRO Setups.

No we got our first VIVE Pro 2 Headsets.

Because our Workstations don't have access to Internet we run our VIVE PRO without Steam

by copy the SteamVR Directory on all Offline Workstations and run vrpathreg.exe to setup the enviroment.

This works for VIVE PRO.

Now i understand the VIVE PRO 2 also need the VIVEDriver Directory (Vive Console Software).

When i start the vrmonitor it complains about missing driver for VIVE PRO 2.


Question: How to install the missing Driver by Commandline?

By using Vive_Software.exe?


Thanks Michael




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I think the Answer to my Question is this:

vive_Software.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VIVEDriver\CU_Silent C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VIVEDriver\Meta 

Greetings Michael T.

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@VRCenter - I would recommend dropping a note to support.enterprise@htc.com since that's a deployment side scenario.

Beyond VP2, There are specific enterprise device management tools tools for VP1 including a tool to install SteamVR offline or over a network but it sounds like you aren't using them. I would definitely try to get access to the enterprise tools - the Device Management Software is very helpful. @C.T.

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