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[Unity] [Vive Hand Tracking] [v 0.10.0] Usage of obsolete API in a sample package?


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After importing the `Vive Hand Tracking Unity` with `Assembly Definition` packages for the lates version `0.10.0`, compiler gives an error: 
- Assets\ViveHandTracking\Sample\Scripts\DisableController.cs(16,7): error CS0619: 'Interop.WVR_SetInteractionMode(WVR_InteractionMode)' is obsolete: 'This is an obsolete function.'

From what I see it's safe to remove that script, but maybe there is better workaround.
Ideally I would like to see option to download that package from the scoped registry, as all other packages required for VR development. 

Unity - 2021.1.14f1
Wave SDK - 4.1.0
Hand Tracking - 0.10.0

P. S. Package for Vive Input is outdated, it shows 1.13.1 in package manager, while from GitHub it's possible to download newer version 1.13.2, which address the Wave VR hand tracking support.

Thanks in advance, 


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