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What is the best way to detect the current device being used?


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We have multiple parts of our project we wish to change depending on the device being used, e.g. we are manually doing controller models and also we have some tutorials we wish to change.

Currently using "VRModule.onActiveModuleChanged" nad "VRModuleActiveEnum" or even "XRSettings.loadedDeviceName" in Unity we can tell between the Oculus Quest and the Vive Focus 3, however, it would be nice to know what the intended way for telling which device being used is as we need to support Quest 1 & 2 and also Focus 3 and Plus.



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VIU is dedicated on identifying controller model for connected controller device


This property should tell you which device is currently used

public enum VRModuleDeviceModel
      // ...
      OculusTouchLeft, // Oculus 1
      OculusTouchRight, // Oculus 1
      // ...
      ViveFocusChirp, // Focus Plus
      // ...
      OculusQuestOrRiftSControllerLeft, // Oculus 2
      OculusQuestOrRiftSControllerRight, // Oculus 2
      // ...
      WaveCRControllerLeft, // Focus 3
      WaveCRControllerRight, // Focus 3
      // ...

(This maybe a good point that we may consider adding more HMD device model but only if there is a strong reason or strong request, in case you need to know the using device without any connected controller)

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