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VIVE console seems to have BSOD me


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Wireless cosmos elite w/ suggested batteries etc. with a beefy compatible pc

Launched wireless software, and then vive console. seems my computer was still functional, but not accepting input. Hover app animations and cursor icons etc worked, but clicking did nothing, and oddly while windows key opened the windows menu thing, windows+l didnt do the lock screen.

I then tried closing vive console, assuming the problem was with it, but I was unable to do that. I then noticed that Steam was frozen, so I mass spammed clicked it, in order to activate the "steam.exe is not responding. kill app?" dialog, which resolves many crashes. Doing this though, gave my computer a bsod. Upon restarts, bsod showed, but apart from that the computer was completely frozen. My computer only continued working after I completely reset it (power off then power on, rather than reset button).


I assume the issue is with VIVE console because it's proven a real pain to me, and I have low faith in VIVE yet high faith in my computer, it's health, and Steam. Also because my computer seemed to have froze after VIVE console launching.

Thankfully no data was lost, since mozilla firefox is epic and saved my tabs+windows. But still. my absurdly overpriced underdesigned device that occasionally works literally breaking my computer, is not ok. by any means.
All in all, I doubt this issue will be resolved in a reasonable timeframe for such a major issue, like 2 months, and my faith in VIVE/htc has lowered somehow even further

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Please avoid NV driver 471.11 & 471.41, it doesn't work well with vive console and will cause BSOD and freezes to the PC. 
466.47 should work well with Cosmos Elite as temporarily suggestion. Thanks 

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