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  1. I reinstalled both Steam VR and Vive Console from Steam today. I don't use any RGB software. I tried turning HAGS on and off, but there was no change. I also deactivated my XMP profile in the BIOS and am using default settings. Tearing has disappeared at 120Hz, but I just want to play at 90Hz as I'm not sensitive to the frequency change. However, I'm already experiencing CPU peaks in Steam VR Home (3000x3000 per eye). If I remember correctly, I didn't observe this issue before. Additionally, some games are behaving strangely. Space Pirate Training and The Blue are capped at 60 FPS. The first one stutters a lot, and the second one occasionally experiences similar issues. It's really frustrating. Fortunately, my system (RTX 4090 Phantom Gainward/Intel 12900 KS) works well for non VR games...
  2. I did not use my headset for months. I just updated everything and... Nothing changed !! Still playing at 90Hz... Space Pirate Trainer still stutters as hell... And I still have frame drops in Steam VR home.
  3. Some news. As I said last week, I still have a lot of reprojection is some VR games (Space Pirate Trainer, Arizona Sunshine, The Blue). In other games, I also had some frame drops before I installed the beta Vive console software code. For instance, in Moss II, I used to observe (with FPSVR) approximately one frame drop per minute. Last weekend, I played Skyrim and Moss II and I did not notice any frame drop. Not a single one ! That's already a big improvement, thank you !
  4. Same "tearing" problem at 120Hz (3200x3200) in Steam VR Home (I use an extended mountain view environment). I began with almost zero reprojection like Jaw_B but when I went outside the chalet, reprojection went up to 20/25% with some CPU peaks too. It decreased slowly down to 8/9% after a while (maybe less but I stopped the test after 2/3 minutes walking around).
  5. @C.T., Here is my trace number: 20221130155701 Thanks again for helping us. @Jaw_B : no change with the new windows update today.
  6. FPSVR in Arizona Sunshine (no orange peaks (I had a lot before) but still a lot of reprojection, frequency capped to 60Hz again ang ghost pictures).
  7. I just tried but it does not work for me. Same reprojection (30%) in Space Pirate Training (ghost pictures) and Arizona Sunshine. It's worst at 120Hz (Stem VR Home). I do not know how to describe that. The picture flickers (not sure of the english term) and it is impossible to stay at this frequency (it did not happen before this update). FPSVR with Space Pirate Training (with regularly spaced orange peaks and FPS capped to 60 !)
  8. @Jackrip Good news ! I hope this trick will work for me too. @C.T. I will test this evening (GMT+1). Crossed fingers.
  9. @C.T. Is the Vive console different on Steam ? I can use it as well. Waiting for your test build.
  10. Fresh feedback from France today. 😉 @Daddydubz: my video card is horizontal, I do not use any PCIE Riser. For Moss, what are your resolution settings ? Are you on "auto" in SteamVR ? The first time I tested Moss (I or II), I had the same ghosting problem but the game was running at 6k x 6k per eye. I set a resolution of 3k x 3k and everything is fine now. Concerning BeatSaber : I changed the VP2 USB port on the rear of my PC case ( ). And guess what ? All these micro-stutters disappeared ! I tested the game at 90Hz with a 3k x 3k resolution per eye or 6k x 6k (150%). I also displayed the GPU performance in the headset (with SteamVR). However, these micro-stutters are still there (unfortunately) in other games such as Space Pirate Trainer (ghost images) or Arizona Sunshine. I also tested Steam VR Home at 120Hz. Similar problem. Even at 90Hz, I observed a lot of pink or red peaks. In Space Pirate Trainer, I also observed green (yes, green !) peaks regularly spaced. Very stange ! I must mention that I uninstalled all my RGB stuff (Masterplus, iCue and Mystic light !), deactivated the synchronization with OneDrive and deactivated Creative Cloud from Adobe. And, of course, HAGS is off. For sure, there is a problem with this new family of cards... But not with all games. Can it be related to DX11 or DX12, to the engine used (unity ?) ?
  11. Tonight update: 3200 x 3200, 90Hz. No problem with Google Earth VR or Vanishing Realms (despite some strange frame drops and micro-stutters from time to time).. A lot of reprojection and stuttering in Arizona Sunshine, even with default settings. For me, it's unplayable. Same with the demo "The Blue", Whale Encounter. It switches to 60 FPS (40% reprojection) ! Unfortunately, Space Pirate training generates a lot of reprojection and micro-stutters (very visible on hands) with MSAA off !
  12. Some extra tests today. In Beat Saber, I modified the settings of the game : scale 1.0 and "multi sample antialiasing (MSAA) off. With these settings, reprojections disappear and I can reach a very high resolution of 6k x 6k per eye with a very low frametime (around 1.5 ms). I tried to push MSAA to x2 and this is still ok but reprojection appears beyond that (x4, x8). Of course, MSAA is useless at this high resolution. I think this is the same problem with Space Pirate Trainer and maybe Arizona Sunshine. However, as mentionned by Aleksander on this thread, you can still see micro-stuttering when cubes are close to me. FPSVR does not detect anything (no reprojection, no framedrop apparentely) but these micro-stutters are there.
  13. @C.T. Could you give us more information ? Your hardware ? Which Windows version ? Any special setting ? Mine is brand new and I completely reinitialized W11. I tested : - Game mode on/off - HAGS on/off - uninstalled iCue/MSI center At the end, I still have a lot of reprojection (20%) in Beat Saber at 3k x 3k (90Hz) and framedrops. Similar problems with Arizona Sunshine, Space Pirate Trainer. Some other games run normally (despite framedrops from time to time) such as Moss II or Skyrim VR. Many of us have this problem with a lot of headsets: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/yoc9ia/8kx_upgraded_to_rtx_4090_from_3090_weird_lag/ RTX 4090: Latency / Lag Issue, Multiple HMD's Affected : SteamVR (reddit.com)
  14. More precisely: 150% is, I guess, your global multiplier but the "Beat Saber" multiplier in SteamVR video settings is automatically set (for this game) to 11%, a very low value. I tried at 150% (global) with the default in-game multiplier (11%) and the final resolution is around 2600x2600 per eye with a frametime around 8ms (between 7 and 9). In that case, I confirm it is playable with no reprojection. But if you increase the in-game multiplier in order to reach a resolution of 3100x3100, you will get a frametime around 20ms with permanent reprojection. Thanks for your help.
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