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  1. No, the plain Cosmos Fair enough - though the information is freely available elsewhere, and it is related to the faulty Cosmos tracking if you're releasing something to perhaps replace it, that has better tracking. It's a shame your teams don't respond quite as quickly (or at all) to people talking about the awful inside-out tracking of the Cosmos. There are those from the forum team which do their best to respond to the tracking questions, but no one else responds to any requests for information, or to users requesting help or upgrades to remedy the problem. Not a single word.
  2. How come these posts were removed - no notification to me, no one telling me I broke rules or anything? Or was it because I told people they might like to hold off buying the (faulty) Cosmos until they see the new model?
  3. Fortunately PayPal ruled in my favour and I got my refund. I think mainly because there was a problem with the fan which was very noisy.... I could only play for half hour before it was way too hot. Cosmos could be great, but they blew it - obviously thought they could get away with it. Still, a new HTC VR device is going through FCC screening just now. I'll probably be a Quest or G2 owner before we find out. If HTC don't bring the price of their kit down soon, there won't be an HTC Vive at all. 'Modular HMD' - yeah, if you want to pay the price of another HMD to do that. It's not rocket science @Htc
  4. Valve Index comes with 2.0 base stations. Not sure about using the Elite headset with 2.0 base stations but I'm sure I've seen people using it with Valve controllers. @C.T. is very helpful and can probably give you a definitive answer.
  5. I thought I'd give them a chance to fix things - there were several things they could have done, but they chose to do none of them, leaving Cosmos owners high and dry - unless they get a refund - which I have done. I'd recommend anyone who paid by card or paypal to see what they can do. The item is NOT as described.
  6. Sooooo - it's my fault. I put up the white cards even though I had proper lighting in the room - it still complained of environment being too dark at night, so had to do this to make it work! It should just work, right? And my reply.........(in blue)
  7. Update: Basically having asked me to DM them on Twitter - HTC @Vive_Care just ignored me. What you see on the previous page is where our conversation ended. My Cosmos is on it's way back. I may pre-order the G2, or I am tempted to bite the bullet and just get a quest 2 (if I can get a FB profile that isn't mine!). I won't be rushing my decision though. Others need to keep pressure on @Htc - they know what they did! I'll be keeping an eye out here to see what happens - though I'm not feeling too positive about anything being done. Thanks to those who tried to help me out - you know who you are!
  8. So, after trying quite hard to engage with HTC support about the tracking problem, they've done their usual and just ignored me, so sadly returning my HMD for full refund. I wont be doing this quietly! I just cannot recommend ANYONE buys the over-priced Cosmos headset that doesn't work well. It might be OK for some beginners, or people that don't need accuracy or speed (?), but doesn't look like they're ever going to do anything about these problems. You 'win' @Htc - but I predict that unless you change things radically - especially prices - people won't even know who this company was.... I tried engaging with @Vive_Care on Twitter and got this (by now, rather boring and repetitive) conversation:
  9. SteveKnows (just about to watch live q&a Re: Quest 2) is just one YouTube channel you'll find Quest 2 reviews (not sure he did the G2 yet). There are others which have review of the G2 as well.
  10. I'm getting sick of seeing very regular quest updates very often containing added features like hand tracking. @C.T. has been great, but he has his hands tied - they won't even tell us what the hardware inside is! (though I did find out if anyone is interested). I've spent the lockdown doing beta testing, but now I've been offered my money back so I can't see any reason to keep the Vive. HTC continue to be silent about these problems here or publicly. They're damaging their reputation by doing this. I've suggested upgrade ktis for us -they ignored that.... I suggested that they consider another option like adding another camera to the pc to cover blind spots - also ignored (I know another manufacturer did that but can't remember who) Therefore I really can't see how HTC can fix properly without upgrading us to Elite. Please @Htc @HTC Corporation - tell us what will happen - preferably before I return my HMD next week for a full refund!
  11. The Quest 2 and G2 both use the new X2 chipset. Both are cheaper yet perform better. The main problems with the Cosmos are tracking accuracy and tracking prediction. I think both are 90Hz refresh or more, and G2 is higher resolution. Check out this article - https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-cosmos-accuracy-test-controller/ I also have a problem with my fan, but tho HTC offered to fix it they refuse to fix the Cosmos
  12. I really wish HTC didn't treat us like this. Paypal have just informed me I can have a full refund for my Cosmos. While there are things I like about it, they are not enough for me to hang on and spend the price of another HMD upgrading the equipment which was faulty anyway. HTC have offered to fix my noisy not working fan, but I don't think it's enough. One thing I do know, if I take the refund, I will NOT purchase another HTC HMD. There are now many MUCH cheaper alternatives available which WORK. I already offered to pay for an upgrade kit (rather than another £500+ for bits) for around £200, but HTC just don't seem to be interested in looking after us - and WE pay their wages. They ruined their phone business, and now well on way to destroying their VR business. I feel sorry for the HTC staff who have at least tried to help us. I found some information about the hardware the Cosmos uses and it should be ample for the job, but again, newer, cheaper HMDs are available with much more powerful chipsets. I'm guessing no one would talk me out of this decision? It's sad that because of the way HTC just ignores these problems I now feel like I shouldn't pay another penny to 'upgrade' to something that works.
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