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  1. Is this firmware out of beta yet? Been a very long time since we saw a firmware update. 1 year ago since the last public release. Has the vive pro 2 reached end of life/support?
  2. Barely use my Vive Pro 2 anymore.. but I tried this beta and it seemed like going back to pre-2.0.24.x as I got zero tearing, and 20-25% reprojection in Extreme-120hz on a 4090.
  3. Thank you for letting me test. Unfortunately(?) you were right. The issue existed in as well 😞 Guess I had not tested BigScreen in 120hz that much. When moving, especially your hands, you get reprojection 20%-ish giving "double vision" and slight stutter. However in 90hz there is no such issue. Oh well. At least I tried 🙂
  4. I had the same(?) issue with my Samsung Neo G9 (49" monitor). Either computer would restart, or the image on the screen would become corrupt whenever I started SteamVR. At the time I had a rtx3090 gpu. To be honest I do not completely know what resolved the issue in the end. Might have been one of the firmware updates from Samsung for the monitor. Funny thing is that I also have a LG CX in the same room, so that was my workaround too 🙂 Try to run the Samsung monitor connected through HDMI to the PC (and not displayport) and the vive pro in a lower resolution. I believe DisplayStreamCompression (or some kind of conflict related to DSC) can be the issue causing it.
  5. I didnt realize there were 2 parallell versions. I'm on installed through Steam.
  6. Well, I would be more than happy to give it a try. Should be very quick to test.
  7. New beta and not a single comment? 😕 Anyways, I tried it for a couple of days on my RTX4090. The screentearing is still an issue. Slightly worse than I belive, but it could also just be random luck. However (BIG however) the reprojection issue is now back in 120hz. Tried Bigscreen and got a constant ~25% reprojection, but not a single framedrop. Switched to 90hz, and the framedrop is gone again. Just like pre Could I PLEASE please have access to install again @C.T. ? That beta worked much much better on RTX4090.
  8. Just so I understand. What did you uninstall, and what is your complete setup now? (vive console vetr, steamVR ver, nvidia drivers ver)
  9. 2448x2448 is the panel resolution. Usually(?) you need to supersample a bit to compensate for the lens barrel distortion. Not sure how much is recommended though 🙂 But +25% probably isnt bad.
  10. Can someone else try beatsaber in 120hz and see if you get massive reprojection when running at your standard resolution (3000x3000 or so). And also, does it default to steamVR lowest resolution(1200x1200 or so) when you start it? Very strange.
  11. No tearing at 90hz. Its only in 120hz. Its an "artifact" that was introduced on the beta of vive console in november. It looks a bit like a fat horizontal line that moves up and down in the top half of your view. And it comes and goes. But in this beta its better than before. So its not something that has to do with high gpu-load, and that type of tearing. (You can read about it in the longer thread about the 4090 issues) And Im setting the resolution manually in SteamVR to around 3000x3000. (a little higher for 90hz, and a little lower for 120hz). More than that is very heavy on the GPU, and I want to avoid reprojection due to the GPU not beeing strong enough. (4200x4200 pixels is an insane amount of pixels to push. Thats more than 2 times 4k resolution PER EYE. and 120hz at that)
  12. What do you use for monitoring then that works better?
  13. Also tried. Running a 4090 with latest nvidia drivers 531.29. SteamVR latest beta. HAGS off (and RGB turned off). Using fpsVR for monitoring. SteamVR resolution at ~2800x2800 per eye. At 120hz Im getting much less screentearing than before, but it is still there. Usually in the upper half of the screen. But now I can play for minutes without seeing it, so its an improvement at least! (but not quite there yet). Also, when runnig beatsaber (which for some reason always defaults to the SteamVR minimum resolution. ~1200x1200 per eye) it works fine at that resolution, but very blurry. When increasing the resolution in SteamVR to ~2800x2800 for beatsaber I get 100% gpu usage and massive reprojection. A little strange for a game that (shouldnt be) demanding at all. (but that could be from other reasons than this vive console update).
  14. I usually aim for ~3000x3000 per eye when running 90hz and slightly lower when running 120hz. This in in steamVR and on a 4090. You really shouldnt be running 150% (which is like 6000x6000 per eye). That is waaaay too demanding for any existing gpu.
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