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  1. Could you please add a content lock switch? Hand tracking makes it easy to accidentally touch content, thanks @C.T.
  2. When using VIVE VIDEO, when hand tracking is turned on while watching YouTube or doing other things, the window content will often be accidentally touched. Is it possible to add a window content lock switch for VIVE VIDEO? Thanks
  3. The templates I have seen so far all have battery-powered headsets. I wonder how it feels to wear them in glasses mode? thanks
  4. I have always had a question, is it suitable for use in glasses mode? thanks
  5. I've been looking forward to it for a long time @C.T.
  6. This app is very good, but unfortunately it cannot be used to watch youtube vr180 videos, you must use the native streaming app to watch
  7. AltoK

    YouTube app

    This app is very good, and it realizes my imagination of the XR Elite usage environment, but at present, the hand operation is not smooth and it is easy to accidentally touch it. It would be better if it can be strengthened in this regard
  8. Skybox may be the most ideal player, but unfortunately there is no
  9. Does Focus 3 support Virtual Desktop? i can't find it in the store, thanks
  10. @Alex_HTC Thanks, but this option doesn't seem to work with Phone mirroring
  11. @Alex_HTC Excuse me, where is the 'use passthrough in home environemnt"of the phone mirroring, I can't find it in the settings, thanks
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